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Executive Search Services

We’ve built deep market knowledge over two decades to specialize in specialist searches across functions and levels

The core expertise and the foundations of our business in CXO and specialist searches across functions and levels coupled with deep  market knowledge and intuition that has been built over two decades of search experience in India.

Executive Assesment

Executive Assesment

Our comprehensive approach to executive assessment employs multiple methods to evaluate an individual’s ability to perform, fit and make an enduring impact in a critical leadership role. We offer a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and insights to inform selection decisions for senior leadership roles, primarily the CEO, CFO or other “CxO” positions. The finalist assessment provides a complete picture of candidates’ relevant business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and capacity to grow and change with the job. We provide insight into how candidates are likely to behave, make decisions and operate in the role, and identify potential risks or derailers that can have implications for long-term success in the context of the organization, culture, and market, increasing confidence in selection decisions

Organization Mapping

Organizatin Mapping

The mapping service will give you a holistic view of the current talent landscape. We utilize in-depth market intelligence and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools, which enables us to assess what available talent is suitable.

This coverage includes functional, business unit, and sectoral analyses and allows clients to take an informed view of what exists in a market before making a hiring decision.


As per client requirements, we map relevant industries and create an organization hierarchy. This acts as a tool to effectively search for professionals in the top and middle management. The accuracy and reliability of potential candidates identified through this search are far better and effective.


  • To understand what  competitors are paying for similar jobs, skills, locations

  • Get a neutral reference as a support to any analysis conducted independently

  • Assess the external competitiveness of their compensation packages (Fixed, Variable Pay)

  • Review and adjust the compensation & employee benefits policies

  • Identify talent at target organizations.

  • Market analysis and information to assess the likelihood of success of a full search process.

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